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About MAFI

The Masters Athletics Federation of India (MAFI) is an independent autonomous non- government sports and wellness organisation of India which is governed by its constitution and by-laws. It is affiliated to Asian Masters Athletics (AMA) and World Masters Athletics (WMA). The MAFI is managed and run by its General Council and Executive Committee. The Masters Athletics Federation of India (MAFI) derives its income from affiliation fees paid by members, entry fees and sponsorship during events.

Our Vision

To fulfill the vision and passion of Indian Masters athletes who take to master's athletics demonstrating that age is no barrier in the quest of excellence and good sportsmanship. The Masters Athletics Federation of India Vision will be realized through its strategic 10- years plan (2015 to 2025). Our vision is to create healthier and happier seniors who will take up sports and live a life of fullness. Our strategy is to work through our 31 members (affiliates) around India reaching out to over 1200,000 families through health and sports awareness programs enrolling 200,000 masters' athletes.

Dharam Veer Dhillon 
D. David Premnath
Secretary General
Organizational goals
  1. To organize, regulate and administer athletics for masters (women and men of not less than thirty-five years of age).

  2. To sanction National masters athletic championships and other National and International masters championships in India.

  3. To select and feed masters athletes (women and men of not less than thirty-five years of age for all International masters' athletic meets all over the World.

  4. To foster National and International friendship, understanding and cooperation through masters athletics.

  1. Non-Stadia
    Those athletic events that are held outside of the stadium usually on road and/or cross country courses. They are usually the longer distance events.

  2. Stadia
    Those athletic events that are generally held within the stadium usually running events on an oval track, and jumping and throwing events held on various specialized fields.

  3. Masters
    woman and men of age 35 years and up.

  4. MAFI
    Masters Athletics Federation of India is the affiliated unit of WMA & AMA. The organization was formed to conduct the National wide sports of masters (veterans) and athletics (Track & Field)

MAFI Development
  1. The Masters Athletics Federation of India (MAFI) has a systematic development plan set in place for the overall growth of the Masters Movement in India. The MAFI DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION a business wing of MAFI will work towards the state wise, union territory wise and member wise development through its seven fold programs:-

  2. Quality of athletic performance

  3. Health & Wellness of Athletes

  4. Members Legal Awareness

  5. Membership Growth

  6. Sponsorship & Funding

  7. Leadership Development

  8. Awareness & Sports for Children/Youth and Workforce

  9. An ambitious member's development fund will be set up by the year 2020. This fund will be utilized for achieving the above seven fold programs for the overall development of Masters Movement in India.

Integrity / Anti-Racism / Anti-Doping

Masters Athletics Federation of India obliges to the Laws that require the officials, athletes and office bearers to uphold the "spirit of the sport". MAFI too, plays a significant role in protecting the spirit and integrity of sports through the efforts of our Anti-Racism, Anti-Doping program and our commitment to ensuring doping and racism has no place in the master's athletics. MAFI is for NO-Racism in sports and will educate the individual athletes, members to shun racism in sports and campaign to eliminate racism, discrimination and intolerance from sports by also sending out clear messages. The MAFI anti-doping campaign works towards eliminating doping/drugs from our life style and focus on promoting Health & Longevity among all athletes and associates

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