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Achievements by year wise


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1998 Indian Team to Asia veteran Athletic Championship sent to Japan were about 125 athletes.

1999 Indian Team to World Veteran Athletic Championship sent to Newcastle, UK, where about 130 athletes participated.


2000 The XI Asian Veteran Athletic Championship was in Bangalore (India) where 950 athletes from 19 countries participated and Indian stood first in medals tally.


2001 Indian Team to World Veteran Athletic championship in Brisbane, Australia where about 80 Indian athletes participated.

2002 Indian Team consisting of 94 men and women athletes participated in XII Asian Veteran Athletic Championship in Dalian city, China.


2003 For the world Veteran Athletic Championship in Pourto Reco only 4 Indian athletes participated. However out of these 4 athletes India won one gold and one silver medal.

2004 The Asian Masters Athletic Championship was held in Bangkok, Thailand and about 200 Indian athletes participated.


2005 For the World Masters Athletic Championship held in Spain, only few athletes could participate.


2006 The Masters Athletic Federation of India had the honour of hosting the XIV Asian masters Athletic championship in Bangalore where athletes from 22 countries participated. The Indian contingent was 500 strong and stood first for Asia in medals tally.

2007 The World Masters Athletic Championship was held in Ricchone, Itally and about 45 Indian athletes participated.

2008 The XV Asian Masters Athletic Championship was held in Chiang Mai, Thailand where about 265 Indian athletes participated and we won 255 medals and stood first in Asia in medals tally.


2009 The World Masters Athletic Championship was held in Lahti, Finland where 89 Indian athletes participated and we won 10 medals.


2010 The XVI Asian Masters athletic Championship was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where about 685 athletes participated and we have won 349 medals and declared the first country ever to have won so many medals in Asia.

2011 The IX World Masters Athletic championship was held in Sacramento, USA where we won 3 gold, 9 silver and 6 bronze medals.

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